Who is LUXI?

Milwaukee based electronic artist LUXI has been writing and recording songs since the age of 5 as a way to express herself and process the world around her, slowly developing her sound over time until recently finding her stride in a unique hypnotic dance based electro-pop niche. She belts raw vocals and emotional melodies, seeking to express herself in a way that makes a genuine connection with the listener. LUXI is currently working on a new album and self produced video game, on track for a dual release in the late autumn of 2018.  

Wicked Alley was founded as a way to merge her visual art and music releases, with a consciously thought out effort to enhance the underground DIY arts scene of Milwaukee, WI by pushing the boundaries with mixed medias and experiential art.

Websites links:: http://www.luxireally.com http://www.luximusic.bandcamp.com http://www.facebook.com/luximusic http://www.wickedalley.com 

Press quotes: http://www.luxireally.com/press.html

About Wicked Alley

DIY Indie Label & Boutique


Wicked Alley is the independent publishing label for Alexandre Hill based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We also offer mixing and mastering services which can be quoted based on project. 

Contact: info@wickedalley.com 

One of a Kind Apparel


Also offered in our online shop are unique one of a kind apparel pieces, original artwork and accessories, responsibly sourced and handmade in limited editions.

Shop Small Business


Wicked Alley is 100% owned and operated at a small local independent level, and we try to always pay it forward to other small businesses.